Quick Update Notice February 2023
(more to follow in March)
From Inventor/Founder Richard Perry

Dear Customers and Visitors and all those following this situation. This is a quick update of 2023.

This update is on top of the other previous updates. The information outlined in the update will be published on my other website: www.richardperry-versus.com most likely in March 2023. That website hasn’t been updated since 2019 because of constant fights going on with Government Departments and more evidence keeps surfacing.

A quick summary of events that have happened since the last update of June 2022 is that I now have undeniable evidence of Fraud, conspiracy, deceit, criminal damage and malice that has been inflicted upon me by the United Kingdom Patent Office. The Office deliberately and intentionally blocked me from being able to file any work or any new patents. The Office also refuses to send me any communications that they legally obliged to do in order to safeguard my work. They also refused to allow me to use the online filing Patent System which I have every legal right to do.

Since the hearing of June 2022 I have had more letters from the Office which are fraudulent, deceitful and authored with hate and malice and this is all because I exposed their little blackmarket in IP rights being run by the people controlling the Office – as explained in earlier updates below. Basically stealing and trading in people’s patent applications and committing serious crime against the People of the United Kingdom and undermining our economy.

I provided all the evidence to the Police who have done nothing and continue to do nothing in a intentional act to try to outlive me so that I never get any justice or payment for my work that has benefitted hundreds of millions of people around the world.

A brief summary of acts at the Patent Office are:
They blocked me from using the filing system. This is abusive and hateful and degrading. I sent an application for ‘Fantail Ties’ which is new innovation in construction. They signed for my application at least 3 times and I attempted to file it online at least 6 times from 3 or 4 different computers in two different Countries, and couldn’t. They authored deceitful and fraudulent letters claiming that I didn’t know how to use the online filing system when I have been using it for 15 years and they had refused to file my applications that they had received by post claiming they couldn’t find them or they were lost. The letters were addressed to Mr. Tim Moss the then Chief Executive. They had also signed for one of my applications in the name of ‘Perry’ and failed to prove the Office employed anyone with the name ‘Perry’ who had signed for my recorded letter which was yet another copy of the Fantail Ties application.

Mr. Moss was then removed from the Office. Then the Patent Office sent me another email stating that he had now been removed and that they had my applications and it would go through the filing process. Email dialogue between myself and Darren Cooke who has been the go between passing emails back and forth.

In my email dialogue with Darren Cooke I set out the following questions to the Office which are:

1). That could (Darren Cooke who I am corresponding with) ask the new CEO Mr. Williams if the Office has now unblocked the filing system so that I can file my work?

The Patent Office, Bristol Official Receiver and the Judiciary had been intentionally trying to send me around and around in circles for years and years buried in a mountain of paperwork and criminally trying to keep me bankrupted. The bankruptcy order of the patent fraud issue was obtained through serious and organised crime and Government and Judicial corruption.

2). Should I send my applications (to Darren) for him to pass on to the filing department and explained I had five applications for new innovations waiting to be filed.

3). That if Mr. Moss has been removed (most likely for participation in serious crime) then surely that would automatically trigger a review of my application to reinstate my patents without having to appeal through all the courts?

The response to that email came from Mr. Bartlett a new assistant to the new CEO. He stated that they refused any more communication and that I should sue them! I demanded that my filing receipt was sent because Mr. Cooke had confirmed they had received it and would pass it on.

Their response is malicious and deceitful and criminal. The reason that they now refuse all communication and refuse to send my filing receipt is because it proves that they intentionally blocked me from using the filing system and are still preventing me from filing my work which is unlawful and constitutes criminal offences.

I am now going to issue a private prosecution in London Magistrates Court against the Patent Office for fraud, criminal damage, criminal attempts and deceit. I am communicating with the Court at the moment.

• Here is a copy of the emails between myself and Mr. Cooke proving the Office had deliberately offended me when placed in context with the documents with the Office (Jamie Frost and Andy Bartlett). link below click:

DOC 1 EMAIL between Richard Perry and Darren Cooke Dec 28th 2022 to Jan 12th 2023

• Here is a copy of a letter authored by Jamie Frost at the Patent Office stating that the Office had never received my application for my Fantail Ties patent. His statements are fraudulent and deceitful and proven to be such by the Royal Mail receipt from the Post Office and the Proof of Delivery Receipt signed for by the Office in the name of ‘Perry’.

I questioned the Office as to whether they employ anyone with my surname who had signed for this letter. They refuse to answer. It should be noted that the worldwide firms defrauding me were using my name on their purchase orders to order the patent defrauded goods and had also submitted manipulated and forged documents to the Patent Office as well as the civil courts during my Opinion request in 2013 which also formed a part of the recent hearing at the Patent Office in 2022.

DOC 2 Response from UKIPO Jamie Frost 22nd June 2022

• Here is a copy of the email response from the Patent Office authored by Mr. Andy Bartlett in relation to my email dialogue between myself and Darren Cooke (in point 1 above) and the letter they sent me refusing communication and telling me to sue them. Also my response to Mr. Bartlett. Link below click:

DOC 3 Email dialogue Richard Perry and Andrew Bartlett UKIPO 18th Jan 2023

Note that Mr. Bartlett responded to my email of 10th January at lest one week after that email. He deceitfully and intentionally failed to mention and conceal the email of 12th January between myself and Darren Cooke because he knows that email proves my allegations that the Office and intentionally causing criminal damage, malice and fraud against me and had blocked the filing system. His letter also proves criminal intent by invoking powers of the state against an individual because I am demanding answers from a Government Department who have defrauded me of my lifetime’s work. His letter proves intent that they are trying to cause as much damage to me as possible rather than just removing the restrictions or blocks because there is the proof they did it and they are trying to evade liability by deception which is yet another serious criminal offence.

• I copied Action Fraud in on this. Here is a copy of the email to Action Fraud of 22nd Jan 2023 about Patent Office crime.

DOC 4 Email to Action Fraud CoLP 22nd Jan 2023 reporting of crime at UK Patent Office

Action Fraud City of London refuse to provide any update whatsoever and have breached the victims charter. They just keep sending crime numbers and victim support letters and do nothing else.

• Here is a copy of a walkthrough of one of my attempts to file my Fantail Ties application using the online filing system with screenshots proving that my application and use of the system is flawless. Link Below Click:

DOC 5 Attempt to file Patent through Online Filing UK Patent Office 31st July 2022

Important point to make: On 1st Jan 2023 I also tried filing other applications and claiming priority back to 2009 with a proper reason that the applications were delayed and defrauded due to serious and organised crime. I had also filed applications on 1st Jan 2022 and have 5 filing receipts without any problem using the online filing system. The Office are deliberately trying to destroy as much of work as they can whilst I take them down - because this is how criminals behave.

There is also another letter from their legal department also claiming there isn’t any crime etc. This letter has had the dates falsified in order to try and conceal crime. As this is whole other amount of work to explain it, I haven’t yet added it but it will be added to my other website richardperry-versus.com in March.

• Transcript of hearing from June 2022 can be found on the Patent Office website hearing of 6th June 2022. This will appear in a pdf as Doc 6 at some later point here.

This info was given to me by the Patent Office although I haven’t checked and haven’t even read it yet because it is so traumatising that I don’t want to look at it. If it isn’t available it will be added to my richardperry-versus.com website in March. I will go through this transcript and prove conspiracy and fraud being carried out by the UK Patent Office, the Bristol Official Receiver, Begbies Traynor Group, Collyer Bristow LLP and all the rest of them as well as the worldwide firms stealing and defrauding my IP rights in a £25billon fraud of my work.

• Here is a copy of an email from Met Police Officer of 2022 confirming there is an ‘ongoing Action Fraud investigation’ which proves that the Patent Office should not have made any decision of the reinstatement of my patents at all because they are aware and are complicit in organised crime.

DOC 7 Police response 6527143_22 in gmail 7th july

There is also a 340 page bundle of evidence submitted to the Office and used in the June hearing. I will post this in the next update.

For the sake of Darren Cooke – I don’t believe Darren Cooke has had any criminal involvement. I have met him several times over the years and he just isn’t the type of man that would willingly be involved. It is the people controlling the Office – the people in positions of privilege who are ruining our Country – that are committing serious crime and destroying people’s lives because they are too dumb and stupid to be able to think of anything for themselves so they go around stealing and butchering people.

I’ve waited 7 years now for action to be taken and the people behind this arrested and jailed. The UK Authorities are deliberately doing nothing and torturing me and tormenting me knowing that I am in despair and that my life and everything I created has been completely obliterated.

Public Warning:

Judicial Crime carried out by Richard Hacon, Anthony Mann, Mr. Newey, Mr. Arnold, Mr. Lewison, Ms. Exton, Giddings, Morgan, Britton, McCahill rand all the others involved in making fraudulent judgements and intentionally rubbishing IP rights in the United Kingdom and desperately trying to prevent anyone from enforcing them.

I now have the transcripts from the hearings before Mr. Mann and from one of Mr. Richard Hacon’s hearings on 17th March 2017. These transcripts prove judicial crime. I will be updating these on the next update.

Judicial Conduct Investigations Office commit fraud and crime to protect these judges. I have at least 4 letters from their Office claiming they don’t know what Misconduct is and don’t know what fraud is etc. to deliberately refuse to investigate judicial crime.

These letters will be posted on my richardperry-versus.com website in March. I am now bringing a private criminal prosecution against the JCIO in London Magistrates Court for fraud by abuse of position and evasion of liability by deception as well as aiding and abetting, subornation to fraud and judicial crime.

Letter to King Charles III

(and also sent to the Prime Minister Mr. Sunak and also Boris Johnson auto email replies were received).

I have written yet again to the Palace to King Charles after the passing of the Queen last year.

Here is a copy of that letter below. Would someone please get this to the Palace because my emails are being deliberately blocked by the UK Government and the letters I am sending to the King are being intercepted and not reaching the intended recipient. My letter outlines the story for people that may not know of this situation or understand the gravity of it. The crime against me is crimes against humanity and sheer terror.

Click below to read my letter:

DOC 8 Letter to Palace 9th January 2023

That’s all for the quick update of Feb 2022.
Would someone please send a legal team to help me prosecute everyone involved in this horror.
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Contact Address:

Because the UK and Commonwealth Governments have blocked all of my digital communications, here is a contact PO Box mailbox address for me in North America:

Richard Perry
11388 Steveston Highway, PO Box 96088, Ironwood PO, Richmond, BC. V7A 5J5. Canada

My UK home address for contact is:
19 Yerbury Street, Trowbridge, Wiltshire. BA14 8DP

From experience, your letters arrive within about 2 weeks.

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