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Fencebrackets® Trade™ Range Announced!

Great News for our trade customers, Contractors and Foreign Friends across the pond! Hopefully in 2016 we will be introducing our fantastic new galvanised Fencebrackets® Trade™ range AND our...

New BIG 2x4™ Clip, due to demand
and enquiries from the USA & Canada.
The BIG 2x4™ is to secure US and CA
Timber and is more of an ‘all round’
Multipurpose construction fixing, as
opposed to being limited to fencing
applications. The BIG 2x4™ can also be
used to fix 4”x4” fence posts to walls, timber to timber, timber to stone and even lumber to trucks! These are beasts!! ~ You'll love 'em!

We will name this product the BIG 4x2™ (for our UK and European trade).

Based on your own feedback folks, so keep giving me the demands and I'll keep creating these fabulous products! We're just working on our labelling changes, a bit of the old product testing and our NEW trade pack sizes!

Fence Post Holder’s Patent Gone To Grant!

Fence Post Holder's Patent has now gone to grant after 5 years!

Instead of trying to stabilise posts in holders and bashing your hands on bolts, you’ll be able to slide the post into the holder and clamp it very very rigidly in place by just the pull of a lever and undo it the same way!

As sturdy as bolts, if not a tighter grip, this makes a new additional to our portfolio. Prototyping will new begin next year 2016 - Come back for updates and progress reports!

Fence Support System For Coastal & Rural Regions

Patents are now being filed on a range of fence support systems for use in landscape areas where it is difficult to install fence posts without the use of concrete. Our range is a three step improvement on other systems. We have a coastal area to test these products which may come to market within 3 years.

More to announcements to follow!

RafterClip® Straight™

The Straight™ Rafterclip® is for pinning compressed board insulation between rafters and studwork and the teeth bite down into the board to prevent movement when air from the breathing gap, felt side of the board, blows across the back of the insulation. Find more info about this under Rafterclips® section - on the right

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We're working our butts off getting unique and original fabulous products out to YOU. We're gradually expanding as our products are being used by people all over the globe. Why? Because we are experts in our industry. Geniuses. We're continually involved in DIY, Garden and Construction projects because we do what we love doing and, if our products help you complete those difficult and skilled tasks much easier than before, then we're on the road to success!

By using our products you get peace of mind, as you can be one million per cent sure that we've thoroughly thought through and tested every detail of our products to ensure they don't let you down. Make sure you find our little Logoman on the product so you know it's ours! We don't want you buying junk!

Browse our site, if you're in the business and want to sell our products get in touch! Use our video tutorials, email us with any enquiries and save us to your favorites! To get you started, click through our brands on the right.

Plantladders - Mini Portable Trellis® A quick update:

One patent granted, seven more pending, 4 designs registered, 30 more pending. Prototying begun and different elements of the mechanisms being tested - this is a long old road to perfection! Our Plantladders® will bring you endless amounts of joy and love to your garden! Grow Plants Anywhere!™

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Public Notice:

Think Twice Before Investing In Innovation & Creative Rights In The UK. Suspects to be indicted for Conspiracy and Fraud in 2017.

Evidence continues to emerge regarding the mass industry theft/fraud of my fencebrackets® patents; fraud that now seems to cross three continents and run into tens of millions of pounds. I intend to indict the Companies and the people behind this organized corporate criminal activity for conspiracy to steal and defraud me of intellectual property rights in 2017. Anyone continuing to steal my work and having anything to do with selling counterfeit or patent infringing products (and misbelieving that you will get away with it) will have proceedings brought against them without fail. Heed This Warning. Your crime will catch up with you eventually.

I apologise to customers and stockists for this appalling situation caused by national and worldwide firms that choose to go around defrauding intellectual property rights because they can’t think of anything for themselves. Their abhorrent behaviour has caused major disruption to my business and has delayed all of the new products by 4 years and has led to financing and ‘out of stock’ problems. The Court cases are still continuing but there is now an active Metropolitan Police investigation into this massive industry conspiracy and anyone involved in this crime will be prosecuted, including retailers who continue to defraud me by selling counterfeit products using the excuse ‘because we can’t get stocks’. There is a reason why you ‘can’t get stocks’ which is: organised corporate crime. By stocking counterfeit products because you can’t buy the patented original from me is a criminal offence.

I hope this dreadful situation will be resolved soon and for the perpetrators to be jailed for their serious organised crime. Be extremely wary about investing your money into enterprise and innovation in the United Kingdom, because this is what happens to you – you get fucked over. Intellectual Property in the UK is completely worthless. Please find more details by clicking the mini banner above.

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