2020 Customer Notice and Message from Inventor/Founder Richard Perry

Please read thisit will take about 10 minutes of your time.

$20bn Legal Demand to be issued against the United Kingdom
In the International Criminal Courts,

For a breach of the United Nations Convention Against Torture, Article 1.11,

And Crimes Against Humanity; humiliating and degrading treatment and mental torture.

For the prolonged butchering and mental torture of Inventor Richard Perry (the inventor and founder of the Fencebrackets® and other construction products) and the serious and organised economic crime and fraud against him. Serious crime carefully plotted and carried out to rob and cheat Richard Perry out of his products and creations that have helped and inspired millions of people around the world. The United Kingdom has willfully and knowingly allowed worldwide firms to produce and distribute counterfeits of Richard Perry’s products derived from his patents and intellectual property rights without his permission, said products which the firms have sold throughout the global marketplace making themselves tens to hundreds of millions of pounds whilst failing to pay the inventor a single penny. After committing over 25 criminal offences and thousands of fraudulent transactions, the United Kingdom has refused to take any action whatsoever to bring the suspects to Justice even though in 2018 and 2019 they have actually confessed to doing it!

The United Kingdom allowed the Defendants to continue flooding the global marketplace with counterfeits and patent defrauded products for a further 5 years after the crimes were reported to the highest level of the Police Force, and they’re still doing it. In that time Richard Perry’s business has collapsed. He has had to suffer the effects of a humiliating and criminally obtained bankruptcy order against him and has suffered severe torment and immeasurable loss. He has received death threats from the Defendant firms and has been contemplating suicide every day for years because he has had to stand by and watch his entire lifetime’s investments and achievements being destroyed and ripped to pieces by criminals. The United Kingdom Government which has supported the Defendants as well as the Defendants themselves have made a complete mockery of the Patent System, the Justice System and the entire Rule of Law and have breached UN Conventions and every Human Rights law one can think of. Butchering and battering an individual and publicly degrading him and ruining him just because the United Kingdom hates successful entrepreneurs and profit. It is repulsive and disgraceful and renders people’s lives worthless.

This is how worthless and pointless YOUR life is in the United Kingdom and this cruelty has to be stopped. People should have their investments protected and their rights upheld regardless of whatever success comes to them. They should rightfully be recognised and rewarded for their achievements.

A legal demand is to be issued and served upon the United Kingdom for $20bn (approx. £15bn) in compensation and damages and a claim issued in the International Criminal Courts. $20bn is a sum of money that none of the worldwide Defendant firms would be able to pay even with billions in revenues. It would put the United Kingdom under UN Sanctions and hit the economy. The corrupt UK Authorities will be forced to explain to the people of the United Kingdom why they have allowed worldwide firms to go around murdering and butchering people, dirtying their success, ruining their accomplishments and defrauding all of their creations, when those talented entrepreneurs like Richard Perry are the future of the economy. Grass roots start ups and incredibly successful businesses like his support the generations to come. The United Kingdom would have to explain why they refuse to enforce anyone’s patent rights despite being paid for those rights in good faith. This is the only way that this horrendous loathsome attitude towards intellectual property rights and innovation is going to be stopped. The Defendants refuse to co-operate or reconcile after being given chance after chance to do so with offers equating to only a fraction of the value of Richard Perry’s IP portfolio and track record of creating market leading products and brands which they have defrauded. The behaviour, view, and tone taken by the United Kingdom towards humanity is sleazy and loathsome. Your life is worthless in the United Kingdom especially if you try to achieve greatness and make a better life for yourself. Your love and passion is battered out of you until you regret having ever tried to make the world a better place or challenge yourself to advance in the first place. This is exactly how the United Kingdom wants you to feel because it wants to control everyone and anyone who wants to have a go and make a success of something. It is hideous.

Dear Customers and Everyone watching this ugly situation,

This is Richard Perry and my update to notify and inform customers as to what is happening.

It has now been almost 8 years since I was made aware of the theft and fraud of my patents and Fencebrackets® products. After 5 years of malicious, perjured, baseless civil court cases against me by some of the 47+ Defendants to try to prevent me from enforcing my IP rights against them, an official Complex Fraud investigation was launched in 2018 by the City of London Police Economic Crime Directorate. This Authority is the highest level of Policing in the UK for financial serious crimes.

Through their own envy and jealousy of a young man setting out with some products and a dream, Suspects and Defendants known as firms: Betafence, Simpson Strong Tie, FH Brundle, Saint Gobain, Britannia Fasteners, Birkdale Sales and others set out to target me and steal and defraud my lifetime’s investments and achievements and the staggering success I made. After I had caught them doing it and demanded they pay up, they used their law firms: Collyer Bristow LLp, Wake Smith LLp, KOB LLp and Begbies Traynor Group to issue and serve perjured and fraudulent civil proceedings against me in order to try to shut me up and make the situation go away. Begbies Traynor Group also defrauded the tax payer of GBP46,000 in bogus costs. The Defendants thought that their power and influence and ability to bribe Government Officials and members of the United Kingdom Justice System would get them out of their liability for a $250m fraud and any punishment for their evil and cruel actions of screwing over a young entrepreneur and depriving me all of my accomplishments and pride. They targeted me and my products because they thought that I was an easy target unable to stand up against their might. I unravelled a very sophisticated, complex and elaborate serious fraud against me and, after a terrifying war, I was left bankrupted and ruined due to corruption and Judicial crime deliberately preventing justice. The Defendants carried out the crime against me because they’re too dumb and untalented to be able to think of anything for themselves. Instead of asking to licence my products in the lawful and ethical way, these firms have broken the law and gone to unfathomable lengths to try to get way with it. Sinister and horrifying lengths such as using law firms bound by practice oaths to bribe and corrupt our judiciary

Through the malicious court cases against me between 2012 – 2017 the Defendants have influenced or found common political ground with individuals within the United Kingdom Judiciary such as Mr. Justice Richard Hacon, Mr. Justice Mann, Mr. Justice Morgon, Mr. Justice Arnold, Mr. Justice Birss, Mr. Justice Newey, Mr. Justice McCahill, Lewison LJ, Exton, Giddings and several others who have done everything they can to rubbish my allegations of IP fraud which are proven in thousands of pages of undeniable evidence. Hard written evidence. This is because the United Kingdom refuses to recognise the value of, or enforce intellectual property rights under any circumstances whatsoever. During the civil court cases these judges abused their positions of privilege and public trust and used their Authority to make fraudulent judgements, denied all access to any evidence (at least 25 applications) that they knew would prove my allegations and accepted a pledged legal defence from some of the Defendants of “we didn’t know and it wasn’t us” whilst making unlawful bankruptcy orders and restraining orders against me (all of which have now expired) to try to shut me up and prevent me from enforcing my intellectual property rights. I have demanded that all of these individuals are removed from the Judiciary and jailed for their Participation in Serious Crime.

It is sinister. Most of these firms and individuals are now under Police Supervision. Having said that, the United Kingdom Police Force have also been complicit in this situation and have deliberately refused to provide me with any update in their investigation for over 2 years and failed to comply with the Victim’s Charter. They have also authored letters to me that they know to be fraudulent and untrue to try to prevent me from accessing Justice, compensation and restitution and are just trying to drag out the matter for as long as possible, hoping that I will be driven to my death in the meantime so that they don’t have to actually take any action. They have failed to make any arrests even though there is thousands of pages of evidence and even written letters from some of the Defendants that amount to confessions that prove the crimes. I was told in writing by the Police “we don’t know what crime is”. I had Police Officers attending my parents house threatening to arrest me after I had informed the Wiltshire Police Force I would issue criminal charges against them for Abuse of Function (anti-corruption laws etc.). It is appalling. Confessions by the Defendants have been extracted during Police interviews and some of the Defendants have even started suing one another such as Michael Locke vs Begbies Traynor Group (currently adjourned) to try to absolve themselves and pass blame onto one another because they know they will be facing jail time. A full list of the Defendants I am aware of can be found on the new website I have set up under ‘The Defendants’ pages found along the top menu bar. The website exposing this barbaric situation with all the proof in writing on Police Force letterheads can be found on the website: https://www.richardperry-versus.com

Dozens of crimes have been committed against me with tens of thousands of fraudulent transactions of the patent defrauded products, whilst I’ve spent years of my life fighting corruption and serious and organised crime. I’ve been in absolute agony and torment for 8 years now having to watch my life being eroded, business wrecked, marriage wrecked, all of my patents and creations completely destroyed, all friendships lost, the incredible achievements I made completely dirtied and destroyed, whilst being powerless to do anything about it. Some of these firms submitted thousands of pages of false testimony and fraudulent evidence in the UK Civil Courts and have been aided and abetted largely by Mr. Justice Richard Hacon, the High Court judge involved, who denied me any chance of obtaining any evidence, then authored and published fraudulent judgements to support his own erroneous findings and to prevent myself or anyone else enforcing intellectual property rights in the United Kingdom. When I demanded access to the Court tapes to use in the criminal courts he denied all access to the tapes that he knew proved his corruption and went running to his employer and the Police to ask them to cover him and throw me off the scent. The Police Force were being bribed and unlawfully influenced into refusing to take any action against the Ministry of Justice or Mr. Hacon himself. During another hearing before Mr. Justice Mann in 2017, Mr. Mann ordered that a barrister represent me and, after listening to what I had to say, the barrister told judge Mr. Mann that “there shouldn’t be any bar to any evidence because this is what the whole thing (the justice system) is all about ! ”. Mr. Justice Mann continued to deny all access to the evidence making idiotic excuses to deny the evidence when he knew the evidence I was asking for proved my allegations. All of this can be heard on the court tapes. This is because he was in on the corruption along with the others involved. They seem to think that the more of them that got involved, the higher the chances would be that they would all get away with it – destroying the credibility and validity of the Patent System and any one at all that invests in anything to do with innovation. I have demanded that these Judges are removed from holding positions of public trust and Authority because clearly they abuse that privilege. I have put this to the Ministry of Justice, the Bar Council and the Palace for the attention of the Queen’s PrivatTe Secretary and also HRH Prince Charles.

The United Kingdom Government has done everything it can to silence me and prevent me from speaking out against their corruption. They have done this by deliberately blocking all of my email accounts from receiving any emails, deleting anything that gets published within minutes of publishing it, suing all of my businesses for petty mindless reasons, sending bailiffs to my house to collect taxes that couldn’t possibly have been owed and without any preceding paperwork in order to intimidate me and bully me into dropping my pursuit of justice only later to send correction letters ‘we’ve made a mistake’, failing to provide any victim support whatsoever, deliberately destroying Police Force evidence tapes that proves certain aspects of the situation where the Police were telling me ‘we don’t know what crime is’ for the purpose of trying to prevent any proper investigation and then repeating the words blatantly obviously told to them by the law firms of the Defendants. It goes on and on and on…The Defendants submitting false information to Companies House and setting up bogus Companies to try to ring fence and conceal money made from the proceeds of crime, law firms such as Collyer Bristow LLp misleading the Police to throw off an investigation by tendering false statements and failing to provide any evidence that would give themselves or their cronies any alibi, and bribing and corrupting Government Officials to interfere in my appeals in order to pervert the course of justice. At least if this situation still leads to my death, I now have someone who is willing to stand up in the International Criminal Court against the United Kingdom to say: “It is clearly obvious they did it. You murdered him. You killed him. Because you hate success and anyone trying to follow their dreams”.

This has all taken a heavy toll on me and my life and it has been like watching your child being slaughtered in front of you and being powerless to be able to do anything about it. I have endured severe defamation and ridicule and have been left as a defenceless victim without anyone coming to my aid. Even now in 2020 I’m still having to witness my inventions, creations and products being sold by the Defendants all over the world, whilst I’m impoverished and unable to make ends meet. Success and revenues that rightfully and lawfully belong to me. It is sickening and barbaric. Absolute inhumane and degrading treatment. I am being tortured by the United Kingdom. I have published a Victim’s Personal Statement on my other website: https://www.richardperry-versus.com. In the event of my death I would like this statement read out in the International Criminal Courts against the United Kingdom as well as The Fencebrackets Story also found on the same website to show how my journey of love and passion and creativeness that helped and inspired millions of people was turned to ash and hate by the United Kingdom and the Defendants.

It has taken years for me to try to put this behind me and it is impossible. I am unable to move on from the trauma of it and knowing that I had an amazing and thriving business that I have been robbed of. I have tried rescuing as much of my intellectual property as I could only to come up against the corruption at the criminally run United Kingdom Patent Office who refuse to do anything at all to help. The people running the Patent Office also authored letters they knew to be false and misleading to try to get their Office out of charges and knew that the Defendants are also submitting fraudulent patent applications for products that I have already patented. Being left and treated as if I don’t exist by the United Kingdom Authorities because they are secretly hoping that I’ll be driven to my death so that they don’t have to deal with this situation is totally inhumane. There has also been Government Officials at the Bristol Official Receiver know as Mitzi Mace, Hayley Bird and Mark Forge deliberately interfering with Court cases in order to influence an unjust outcome and holding secret conversations with some of the Defendants to try to prevent Justice. They also authored letters they knew to fraudulent and did everything they could to try to block any fraud claim against the Defendants. I would like those Officials jailed for their involvement. I have also now received a 2” thick bundle of paperwork from that Office with copies of all the emails and letters sent to them from the Defendants and further proof of the corruption and criminal attempts to prevent justice. This will all be being sent to the International Criminal Courts.

I have all the evidence in black and white. Undeniable evidence that would land the average ordinary person on the street with back to back lifetime prison sentences. To try to find some justice and get the attention of the Monarch so that action is taken, I have published a lot of the details and evidence on websites: https://www.richardperry-versus.com and http://www.richardperryversus.com. Readers can find details of the Defendants, a lot of the evidence and proof of the corruption and crimes. There is a proposed settlement agreement published for the Defendants to pay up $250m (£150m) in damages, which is a pittance in relation to the level of damage caused so that they can avoid jail and I can have some compensation in order to rebuild my life and business. The Defendants of course refuse to pay anything at all and instead, people like John Abernethie, Michael Brundle, Richard Brundle, Henry Hulme and their criminal little ‘Plymouth Brethren’ cultist group go around the United Kingdom retail industry telling retailers to continue stocking their defrauded ‘easy use panel clip’ because according to them ‘it is 5p cheaper and does exactly the same job’ – yes it does; because it is defrauded from my patented Fencebrackets®. Every retailer stocking their product is defrauding me and aiding and abetting Birkdale Sales and FH Brundle who I intend to have closed down with a serious crime prevention order installed and those individuals jailed. I have written to the Monarch many times and outlined a settlement offer. I will continue to lobby the Palace to have all of the Defendants taken through the criminal courts and committed to prison. In the meantime I intend to issue a claim in the International Criminal Courts against the United Kingdom.

The Future of Fencebrackets® and United Fence Products, Inc.

For many years now I have been placing faith in the United Kingdom Authorities hoping that they were going to take swift action and deliver Justice. I stupidly wasted years of my life investing in the United Kingdom and stupidly put faith in the Country hoping that they would prevent the Defendants from trading in their defrauded products so that I could restart my products and introduce all the new products I had planned. Amazing products such as my Railman®, my Rafterclips® and my Plantladders® product ranges. I have been testing the Railman® in North America whilst I’ve had to do construction work here to make ends meet and it is a truly fabulous invention. I’m so proud of it. I had a dozen products and all sorts of amazing projects ready to launch and that I wished to embark on to bring enjoyment to people’s lives. Products and projects that make a significant difference to people’s lives, just as my Fencebrackets® and other products did. It wasn’t ever about the money but I expected to be rewarded and lead a trouble free life after bringing enjoyment to millions of people and having my products supporting businesses and families around the world.

I have tried contacting previous customers such as B&Q Plc making enquiries to see if they would give my products another go but nobody is interested because of the ugliness of this situation. They don’t want to be involved. On top of which the United Kingdom has deliberately blocked all of my websites and email addresses from being accessed to try to prevent anyone from contacting me to offer evidence, which is what has been happening, and to prevent me from restarting my business. This is serious crime and torture. These people are the fucking filth and scum of the earth; destroying people and murdering entrepreneurs because they’ve decided to start a business, do something positive with their lives and make an incredible success. I want all of them to be put in the fucking God damn ground.

All of my previous customers have been lost and my suppliers have faded away. Customers and Suppliers that I spent many years finding and building relationships with – excellent relationships that meant my products were made extremely well, never having any returns, never any money problems, products delivered on time and faultless – amazing relationships that have been decimated by the actions of the Defendants. It is going to take a great effort to be able to get back into business and get my products back into the marketplace and at the moment it doesn’t look like this is going to happen. This experience has drained all the love and passion and enthusiasm out of my life and I will be issuing criminal charges against everyone involved. I was disappointed to find out that the Glee Birmingham show has supported and encouraged the crimes of the Defendants and they continue to allow them to exhibit defrauded products at their shows because they are desperate to sell stand space for their failing show.

The latest in the misery and an event that has hit me badly is that because the United Kingdom Government have blocked all emails and prevented anyone from contacting me, the landlords of my business premises closed my workshop down whilst I have been in North America without giving me any notice. I finally received an email from a divert to find an eviction notice and a message saying everything had been moved – after 15 years of paying them and because I was only 3-4 months behind on the rent during the global pandemic where everyone has been hit by it. I had been sending messages that they didn’t receive and they thought I was dead or had gone missing or couldn’t be bothered to pay them. This has completely destroyed the rest of my business in the UK. I kept reflecting on all the years and after many weeks still couldn’t believe that had been done to me on top of everything else. I feel like the United Kingdom has raped me and murdered me.

I am appalled by the United Kingdom retailers who dealt with me for many years and who so willingly dived in to ditch my amazing patented products only to deal with criminals and their counterfeits, out of sheer jealousy because of my talent, and because I held a monopoly of market leading products – which is what the Patent System is designed to do. They hated seeing a talented young man making a great success with new innovations that have helped and inspired millions of people because they couldn’t do it.

I have outlined a settlement offer to the Defendants of GBP £150m just to end the situation so that I can get on with my life and start all the products and charity work I had planned, but of course criminals don’t want to pay anything do they.

Hence here we are, and because I have lost all faith and confidence in the corrupt and wretched United Shit Hole Kingdom, I intend to issue a legal demand for $20bn reflecting the damage caused. A suitable level of punishment against a Country murdering its citizens just because they want to achieve and advance and do something with their lives. When it is not paid I will be issuing a claim in the International Criminal Courts in the Hague.

I intend to spark the wrath of the United Kingdom and English Monarch who will then swiftly exercise power against the Defendants and put them and their misery in the ground for good. If it doesn’t I will pursue this matter in the UK criminal courts myself as soon as I have the resources, and in every Human Rights Court I can find until the case is heard and the Defendants are put out of business and jailed. I’ve waited long enough and now action will be taken.

You can still continue to my United Fence Products website by clicking the link below but it hasn’t been updated for a few years because there isn’t anything to update. Until I am paid it is more or less impossible to re-enter a marketplace blackened and tarred by misery and crime.

Please keep coming back to visit this site in case I am able to re-start my business and creations. I had hoped to run it my business in North America and Europe. If I don’t get back my life and career I had then it will lead to my death – but this is what the United Kingdom wants – people to be battered, humiliated and butchered if they try to obtain greatness and help others.

I will make another update in due course. I thank all the retailers that did not become complicit in such cruelty and hope that if I manage to get back into business we can rebuild some sort of trading relationships. I also thank those retailers that contacted me asking if and when I would be able to get my products back into the marketplace, and for their support.

Perhaps the general public can do more and write to the Private Secretary to Queen Elizabeth at the Palace to petition for action to be taken. I’ve spent years and given everything trying to fight corruption and organised crime, standing up for everyone’s rights and it has cost me everything. A sacrifice. Please visit my Richard Perry Vs. website and read it and then spread the word and start legal action for me in the criminal courts.

Customers trying to contact me / my business: Please return to this website to check for updates. Perhaps you will spend 10 minutes and write to the Private Secretary to the Queen at Buckingham Palace or Windsor Royal Residences to get me some help, because I am just ignored and treated like a piece of shit who doesn’t deserve to be alive and this is exactly how you will be treated if you start a business and make a success. I wish my efforts to lead to protection for everyone and for a massive fucking cheque to pay into my bank – OR all of the Defendants jailed.

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